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Medical Section
Charts & Tables




The Storm's Eye Flag

(The Black Paw) is the outcome of the PIA's

efforts to get a grip on TABLOIDERgory

which now includes a Hubbardianly inspired HEP—Hypothetical to Experimental to Practical—knowledge generation categorization system in its outfield. TABLIODERgory is how the TABLOIDER

wraps around the spherical gaming field that is Earth and conveys the TABLODERram's

thirteen possible elements between the TABLOIDER and that playing field's (TABLOIDERgory's) surface, as what began as the Baseballegory

which translates into TABLOIDERgorian terms totally as the TABLOIDERgramagory

with the TABLOIDER's axes of human endeavor (Technology, Humanity, Economy and Religion) translating to TABLOIDERgramagory's bases.

All of the graphics on this page have been made to be used to help manage the GLASS'


content, the GAME's inventory (POWER--Productively Obtained Work, Effectively Retained), its generation and distribution, to obtain and maintain the best conditions in/of the GAME, the POWER WATTAGE (Work Applied Toward Tooling Accessible Generated Energy)



 which is situated in the "Sign Post Up Ahead."

The Sign Post Up Ahead, as more and more of the artwork at this Website has been becoming lately, is the result of working toward homologizing (blending the cream into the milk), in order to obtain a more level, thus more comprehendible, thus more assimilable, thus more usable, thus more beneficial product, to use to deal with phenomena encountered in the GAME—the DEVIL—that's neither you, nor me, but just the GAME and the GAME's conditions, that exist between us, be they benign or malignant, depending on how we handle, deal with, them.

You could say that within, or beyond the TABLOIDER, out further than TABLOIDER's defining characteristics, where TABLOIDER's effects may possibly reach, one can use what they know of the STAR CELL 2.0...


...an upgrade of the artistic representation of phenomena that is represented by the Scientology symbol, which was first introduced in THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET (posted in PDF format here) at this Website as a way to navigate beyond the of grip of negative features of the TRIAD—a much less developed, but synonymous, version of this page, which is posted in PDF format here.

Very truly yours,

Baron Philip Shrabisky


Please let me introduce to you--most esteemed curious person--the new MOFIA topic, which we hope to concern ourselves with for quite some time. The following publication has been seminally presented on a single double sided, legal sized (8 1/2 X 14 inch) page of premium printing paper, the electronic copy of which is in the form of the following game plan called, "SYNC." True, STAR CELL NEW YORK's acronymy has been jumbled to work better lingually. None the less, SYNC is a plan to optimize a particular land region's population's linkage, that population's awareness, by synchronizing some light studying by the willing inhabitants of separate regions of the land area involved--the great State of New York, USA.



Now, this brings us to the Go/Stay/Un/Dumb Arena, which could stand some explaining, so here goes. We're talking about ways to go, possibilities. What are all of them? Where they concern ideational GAME, these are them. Make of them and link them how you will, how they make sense to you, but there they are. Relative to your available options, you can choose your field of play.

Then, up on the road sign, here at this Website, waves the Storms' Eye--a flag which represents the way that we of these shapes and colors feel plays occur in relation to one another on fields of the arena, where the home plates of the axes of human endeavor, depicted in the colors of life and truth are connected by the color of purity, surrounded by the colors of human connection and growth at its outer edge.




Where gravity is deselected, no plate retains superiority over any others and the flag's TOP (Totally Optimal Position) can be viewed either as existing on the flag's other side or the side one is viewing the Storm's Eye from, depending on whether one feels inferior or superior to the situation on the fields involved upon the Eye's consideration.




 Children of TABLOIDER:

Conjugation of DRIGS
DRIP of the DROP
Electrocentric Theory
"Rotation Now!"
Lamda Chi Tao
Herb & Rock OUT
The Money "Tetram"
Grades of  Games
Criminality Spectrum
Phil's Tips Posts
Bioelectric Poetry

The MOFIA's mission is to analyze terrestrial sentient biological life's interplay and PIA'sSky Harbor NIHBlip takes into consideration every other interplay that Blip is aware of. PIA  is presently limited to existing as RADIOBELT, a Right field, Researchocratic/Acadamiocratic (Hypothetical) phenomenon. MOFIA is presently positioned at Short Stop, as BOILTRADE--an Economo-Sociocratic phenomenon.
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